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Radiant Mix

Jun 26, 2019

On the Radiant Mix podcast this week, we feature Tetsuro Miyazaki, the Hāfu (half-Japanese, half-Belgian), photographer living in the Netherlands, who recently launched a gorgeous photography book, Hāfu2Hāfu, highlighting the mixed experience of half-Japanese people from all over the world.

Hāfu is the Japanese term to refer to somebody who is biracial, while in America the nouveau term for biracial/multiracial is “mixed.” The label Hāfu derives comes from the English word ‘half,’ referring to half foreign and half Japanese. In this episode, Tetsuro Miyazaki shares about his inspiration for the Hāfu2Hāfu project, which offers us a glimpse inside the beauty and hearts of half Japanese people on a global scale.  Hope McGrath and Tetsuro both get real and open up while they challenge themselves to answer all kinds of insightful and fun questions about the mixed Hāfu experience that were posed in the Hāfu2Hāfu project.



  • Expand your mind and get inspired by insightful stories of the international Hāfu experience
  • Tetsuro shares his learnings and experiences about the advantages, privileges, opportunities, difficulties, of belonging to two different societies
  • The importance of highlighting the mixed-race perspective
  • What is life like for biracial/Hāfu individuals in Japan, the Netherlands and throughout the world
  • White privilege and the Hāfu life
  • The power of belonging and freeing oneself from stereotypes and gratitude



Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @hafu2hafu